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Monday, February 14, 2011

OrangeRx - Spektrum DSM2 Compatible Receiver

Update - 11 Aug 2011:  My OrangeRx has been performing well in conjunction with my Dx6i.  Seems the problem was with sub-standard Spektrum transmitters.

Update: The model crashes I've experienced using this Rx were later proven to be due to a defective DX8 radio. There seem to be other issues, but I am uncertain if they are due to Horizon Hobby's predictably substandard quality or the OrangeRx. I am continuing testing now and will post an update if I can clear this Rx of all wrong doing. One thing is certain: the Spektrum DX8 is a gravely dangerous product--don't let your kids anywhere near one. Original post follows:

Lost the link twice on first two flights, crashing the model both times.  Avoid.
On a side note, I think it is great that a company is making Spektrum/Horizon Hobby pay for their policy of not allowing price competition among resellers. Horizon's prices are simply ridiculous for the cheap China-made products they peddle at premium prices.  But they do have a near monopoly on a lot of desirable stuff, so for now they get to sell $5 worth of electronics for $50+.

Update: February 14, 2011:
I bought 3 OrangeRx receivers. My first experience is in the previous blog entry . Since there was less at stake, I decided to try a second one in my Techone Mini Christen Eagle, just in case the first sample was defective. I works fine and continues to work fine. It is a micro that stays within 200 feet or so.

So I put the 3rd sample in my Art-Tech Yak 54, pretty inexpensive, slow plane, so I thought it would be a good 3rd test. That was a mistake, the rx continually wants to reset and recenter the trim or the servos in all channels. This caused the model to fly well out of trim - trimmed back up - way out - trimmed back up - way out - and so on.

Perhaps the most interesting thing happened on the ground, afterward. A construction worker from a nearby site came over to chat while I was flying the Yak. After I landed, we talked about getting into rc. So I switched my DX8 over to my Champ to show him a great starter plane (I forgot the Yak still had a live battery). To my surprise, as the Champ bound to the DX8, I heard the Yak servos recenter too, then the Yak beeped in a double-bind along with the Champ. Needless to say, I quickly yanked the Yak's battery.

My recommendation is to stay very far away from this clone rx, especially if someone else is flying one.

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