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Monday, October 1, 2012

Z8RC Manufacturer Rankings


Individual model recommendations are based on an overall grade of B- or higher.  This overall tabulation revealed that covers the 67th percentile and higher, of the top-to-bottom grading scale.   Roughly the top 2/3rds of the RC universe was good enough to receive the Z8RC stamp of approval.

Congratulations to the corresponding top 2/3rds of manufacturers who’ve received a Z8RC Recommended overall rating, as measured by their objective review performance.  Those manufacturers with fewer reviewed models are less statistically significant.

Z8RC is proud to be one of the only sources of objective RC ratings in the world today.  Most if not all RC review sites, RC magazines, RC groups and RC forums, take sponsorship money and a host of other forms of legal consideration from the same manufacturers they pretend to review.  IOWs, their model “reviews” are nothing but veiled, paid advertisements. 

If you see paid advertisements displayed on an RC website that contains a supposed product review, that is not a review at all, it is a bought-and-paid-for sales pitch. 

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