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Friday, June 15, 2012

Quick Take: Spektrum DX18


The DX18 is the latest evolution of Spektrum's DSM2/X product line.   After researching the level of change delivered by the DX18 radio, it is Z8RC's assessment that while the radio offers more channels, the core transmitter technology does not represent a step forward with respect to link agility/quality,  transmitter and/or receiver operating software (Spektrum receivers are not software up-datable so any link improvement [such as DSMX] requires buying an all-new set of receivers), telemetry implementation, or receiver power-on being physically tied to voltage droop of the servo bus.  At this time, it appears to be a large step backward in price point, at rather alarming $800 per unit.

Because the untouched development areas represent all of the major headaches associated with the Spektrum DX8+ and higher radio line, Z8RC strongly recommends customers AVOID the DX18.

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