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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fixing those broken UM wheel pants

If you have a Horizon Hobby Ultra Micro with faux wheel pants, then you probably have a Ultra Micro with broken or loose, dangling wheel pants.  Here is a simple fix for this nagging manufacturer defect:

The dot of glue shown will be mostly wiped off 
before screwing the wheel pant back on.
  1. Unscrew the wheel pants and reinforce both sides of the foam board with transparent mailing tape
  2. Spin a very small round hole into a small CA hinge using a #11 hobby knife
  3. Screw the CA hinge onto the dry axle, the hole from step 2 needs to be small enough for the CA hinge to self-tap tightly around the axle threads--this is not hard to do
  4. Make sure both wheels spin equally freely
  5. Coat the axle threads outside of the CA hinge with a small dot of Gorilla Glue (Walmart, CVS, etc)
  6. Screw the wheel pant back on over the goo
The CA hinge will protect the wheel from the thick glue while it dries and help anchor the wheel pant.  Gorilla glue expands a lot as it dries which is why this fix works so well, but use it very sparingly.   The pant will be extremely tight after about 2 hours but will remain unscrewable with some force.

100% fix.

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