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Friday, January 27, 2012

Z8RC UMX Beast 3DS

Powered by a custom 3-cell battery instead of the stock 2-cell, this Z8RC mod gives this old bird a much needed kick in the pants. 

The Model 12 Pitts goes vertical like never before.  CG is slightly improved with the larger battery pushed all the way back; the plane glides nose up and stable.

Measured installed thrust is up 50% to 5.4 oz
No modifications to the existing UMX Beast 3D are necessary.  
The mini bipe is 3-cell ready right out of the box.
It takes three Zippy 2S batteries to make two 3S batteries, but the cost still demolishes E-Flight's overpriced and under performing offerings, at about $2.85 per 3S 180 mAh battery.  Weight is the same as E-Flight's 200 mAh 2S.

Back Left: A single unwrapped cell before re-wiring.
Back Right: Normal 2-Cell before unwrapping.
Front: Fabricated 3S Battery.
Fabricating two 180 mAh 3S batteries from three Zippy 2S 
batteries took about 30 minutes. It is a simple matter of wiring 
the cells in series, then adding a 3-cell balance connector 
to tap the progressive voltage increase at each wire node.

The plane hauls noticeably more mail on 3S Meth, but the draggy airframe keeps it from getting darty.  The plane benefits most from the dramatically improved static pull.

Flight time was a little disappointing from a 180 mAh 3S at 3:40, but there was a whole lot of vertical packed into that flight.  The cells were well balanced.

Unfortunately, my HD video was set to macro focus.  I'll post a video next time.

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