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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wattflyer Moderator, rcers

Known child pornographer clown
Update 3: Moderators at underage-child web front are again bad mouthing this site for whistle-blowing the secret links on Don Simm's sham RC forums.  You might want to de-register before the fallout.

Update 2: Looks like the "The Wolfe" (played by Harvey Keitel) paid a little visit to Don Simm's wattflyer to "fix" my signature, maliciously altered by the adolescent-moderator rcers, by deleting it altogether (visit the scene of the crime).  Gee Don, when you have to sanitize your website to keep the feds away from shutting you down for linking to underage child websites, that's when you know your moderators are professional.  Clown act. 

I'm considering changing the Z8RC banner from "Advanced Radio Control" to "No Links to Child Porn."  Let me sleep on it. 

Update:  Z8RC just got a defensive email from Don Simms of Watt Flyer.  No apology, no rebuke of his moderator's adolescent abuse of his own members, no statement that he will take action to uphold their own privacy policy.  Amazing.

If you post on Wattflyer, please understand that their moderators are childish and they have been given free reign to secretly edit members posts without their knowledge or consent, fully condoned by the site owner Don Simms.  

Kids, these days....

Here is a quote of my reply to Don Simms regarding the blog article I originally linked only from the wattflyer signature that his own moderator had previous edited (other z8rc visitors wouldn't see it):

Re: WattFlyer RC Electric Flight Forums - Discuss radio control eflight Contact Us Form - Moderator abuse
To:Don Sims <>

A well deserved joke (got email laughs from Wattflyer members, btw) after rcers' violation of your own ignored privacy policy.  But I've toned that down. I don't want a joke to pull my blog down to your level even if justified. 

But thanks for the reply, apparently you approve of your moderators changing member signatures.  I'll be sure to and that to my blog - that I got an email response from Don Simms official condoning of rcers repeated adolescent meddling with Wattflyer member signatures, without their knowing or consent.

It's a shame the low maturity level of site owners like you can't see when they owe their members an apology, and fire their own mistakes.  But I've grown to expect that from kids these days.

End update, blog article follows:

I found out a disturbing fact today:  Wattfyler moderator rcers has been redirecting my Wattflyer signature to an underage child website. When I called him on it, of course he banned me for his own atrocious behavior. Gee, like I didn't know that would happen. I would never consider remaining a member of a site like Wattflyer, where the moderators think its funny to maliciously edit member posts to their adolescent liking,  managing to exploit children at the same time. is a disgrace to the RC community.   Done with those lawbreakers.

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