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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Parkzone Albatros 3D

Get ready for some hard WWI 3D action.  Some ask, “Why?”  I ask, “Why not?” 

PZ Albatros with Rimfire 15, 11x3.8 SF prop, HK Flight Stabilization Board, and low wing ailerons cut-in to better control roll in the hover (see end of video).  This was the maiden 3D flight, after getting the rudder expo dialed in it’s a lot easier to hover and pretty decent for 3D in general.  Whodathunkit!

As it turns out, the powerful Rimfire .15 is almost a drop-in replacement for the weak, cheap, plastic casing Parkzone 480 motor.  The only real barrier to quick plug ‘n play substitution is Parkzone’s idea to slide one motor mounting point slightly outward to make it difficult for those wanting a better life.  Horizon Hobby’s heart is still with their roots in nanny-state European socialism; customer creativity seems to be verboden.  I used a zip tie to get around their customer road block in about 10 seconds.

Rimfire 15
In the final analysis, PZ’s brushless paper weight is only screwed into a brittle plastic bracket that is gooey silicon-glued into a foam foundation—a zip tie is stronger.  In fact, it was a good thing I pulled Horizon’s 480 motor out, because 3 of 4 mounting screws had stripped inside the plastic motor during factory installation. 

I nailed a 11x4 MAS S-2 Scimitar on the front end for scale looks, quiet efficiency, and copious thrust.  The Rimfire .15’s shaft is the same 4mm diameter and it works perfectly with the stock prop adapter. The stock spinner works fine too.

I know, I know, Z8RC’s 200,000th reader is probably thinking, “That Albatros was nose heavy in my recent review, a big jump in horsepower will carry too large a weigh penalty.”  You are exactly right; that should be true.  But it’s not.  Unbelievably, the total crap plastic Parkzone 480 motor that the Albatros coughed up weighs the same as the Rimfire .15, exactly 3.7 oz apiece. 

I’ve cranked up the $18 HK i86AP 3-axis gyro gains to 100% on every axis.  Initial “wag tests” look great.

This scarlet kite is ready to hover, snap and knife.  I mailing taped both the leading and trailing wing edges for a bit more strength.  The chunky 42 oz Albatros achieves 1:1 at 90% throttle on 3S. 

4S is fully enabled.

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