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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Battle of three .15s

As the raw economic efficiency of Red Capitalist China attempts to save the world economy from crumbling Western European socialism and our corrupt banker-run U.S. debt generation machine, the niche RC economy still seems to be thriving--at least for the moment. 

RC airplanes are getting bigger, faster, cheaper, and to a lesser extent more reliable.  Where the .10 on 3S was once the staple performance motor in the typical parkflyer stable, .15-size motors on 4S are becoming more popular.  Just in time before the world economy crashes and burns permanently, starting in late-2012 (those damn Mayan gypsies cursed us!), it seems like an apt time to squeeze-in a .15 Motor Comparo.

While I'm working out the details, on the way are brand new sample of an E-Flight Power .15, Rimfire .15, and Turnigy 3536.

I decided to use my Clipped Wing Spitfire Mk LFIXe as a test platform for this comparo.  The clipped wings Spit flies great with higher speed, more roll agility, and even better slow flight handling, plus it needs a little weight in the nose to fly all squared up.

Although I will provide the usual electric specs, prices and value judgements, the winner of this .15 comparo will be as simple as it is one one-dimensional:  create the best high speed pass.

First up:


Turnigy 3536

Cost: $17

High speed passes:



Rimfire .15 - 3536
Cost: $59
High Speed Passes:


E-Flite Power 15- 3550

High speed passes:

.15 Summary

Static RPM
APC 9x9
Turnigy 3536
89 mph
Rimfire .15 - 3536

95 mph
Power 15 - 3550
91 mph

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