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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Guillows Junkers JU 87-B Stuka Ultra Micro RC Conversion

I remember buying balsa models as a kid and being soooo disappointed by the box contents; basically a stack of wood and directions.  Not much has changed.  But for a grand total of $12 including two day shipping to my door?  Well, maybe it's time for a unique balsa UM conversion?

I mean, how hard can it be we have CA and CA accelerator now, right?  Right??   Oh boy, this is going to be interesting.
The kit has that rubber band model dream picture on the box front.  It has no relationship to what's inside, it's just a cool Stuka painting to fool you into thinking there is a miniature German masterpiece inside.  I have as vivid an imagination as the next guy, but obviously not as good as Guillow's.

Another interesting thing is the Fw-190 instruction booklet.  I think it's supposed to be generic since it is unlabeled, but wow, that's kind of impressive... the whole Guillow's series has the same basic construction method and parts count?  Cool.   I guess.

But hey, I'm all-in for micro Warbird airframes starting around $6 bucks that have some real flying potential.  Still, it is pretty risky build, because if this thing flies as good as I hope, I might be building a few more in the series and that could cost a whole lot of time.  But not much money.
Ok, now I remember this process.  I can't believe I did this as a kid without accelerated CA.  I think my next model will be a foamie.  :)

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