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Saturday, March 17, 2012

50+ mph Z8RC UMX 3-Sbach 342 ("Introducing the 3S "Piggybach")

Update:  The Piggybach hit 46mph today, but the winds were too crazy to push it. 

Like the Z8RC "Piggy Bee," the Z8RC 3S 'Piggybach" makes no changes whatsoever to the stock  electronics.  It runs clean, properly recognized 3S power using the Z8RC-exclusive piggyback ESC through channel 6. 
The Z8RC Piggyback ESC weighs 8g.  It is and Plug 'n Play with any 1S or 2S Ultra Micro that has an open radio channel and can be transfered between models.  1S UMs will need a brushless motor upgrade.
If you thought the 2SBach was fast, wait til you see the Z3RC "Piggybach" tear straight up.   A GWS 5x3 @ 17,460 RPM yields 50 mph.

Battery Power
Fly Weight
3.5 oz
2.6 oz (200 mAh 2S)
7.2 oz
3.4 oz (350 mAh 3S)

For step by step instructions see:  Z8RC Piggy Bee.

Also see:  Z8RC UMX Sbach 342 Flight Review

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