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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Z8RC Breaks 100,000 Views

I would like to extend a warm welcome to Z8RC's 100,000th visitor!  It's good to know so many people crave honesty and upfront RC product reviews. 

The days of RC vendor-owned, aggressively policed RC forums posting covertly compensated sales pitches parading as "glowing reviews" are numbered.  The public has caught on.  People want 100% honest, 100% unpaid, 100% unsponsored RC "review" sites such as Z8RC.  

(In my best Barack Obama voice) "Let me be clear," if you see an online RC forum or mag with advertisements plastered all over the place, reading the "reviews" and the permitted postings is a total waste of time--you are literally chatting with the manufacturers and resellers unethically pretending to be consumers.  This low-life brand of scam artistry is as old as business itself.

Z8RC guarantees full objectivity and no vender or reseller compensation, merchandise provision, or sponsorship, whatsoever.  Anything less is fundamentally dishonest.

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