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Sunday, February 12, 2012

AnyLink Tx-R Revoutionizes RC Compatibility

Great Planes' new fleet of universally-compatible 2.4GHz  Transmitter-Ready (TxR) aircraft include a revolutionary concept.

These parkflyers and micros come with installed receivers that can fly using just about any popular brand of transmitter via your existing Buddy Box port. 1024 and 2048 Rez modes are supported. Some Transmitters require a $3 cable adapter.  Perhaps oddly, the $15 TACM0005 cable adapter also includes a tiny LiFe battery.

Full Range Tactic Receivers are available under $30 (6ch). In addition to better Rx affordability, Spectrum/JR users may wish to switch to an AnyLink Rx for valuable airplanes, since like Hitec and Futaba AnyLink binds are unaffected by voltage sag or brown-out, and instantly relink after a complete Rx power loss.

Compatible transmitters include:
Requires no cable
Requires TACM0003
Requires TACM0004
Requires TACM0005*
Requires TACM0006
4YF/YBF, 6EX/J, 7C, 8FG, 9/10C, 12FG & 18MZ
4VF, 5U, 6A/DA/H/ YF/YG, 7NFK, 8U & 9Z

12Z & 14MZ

Neon, Flash 4sx/5/5sx, Focus 4/6, Laser 4/6, Optic 5/6, Eclipse 7 & Prism 7/7X
Aurora 9

Quattro, XF421, XP6102, XP783, X3885, XP8103, X9303, X9305 & 10X

DX6/6i, Dx7

DX4e/5e, 7s, 8 & 10t

Tower Hobbies®
4TH & 6XM

Tx-R aircraft ship with an installed receiver and a free transmitter module that plugs into your Buddy Box port. The Tx-R airplane line-up currently includes:

Look for a review of the F-86 micro jet via Any-Link on both Aurora 9 and Spektrum Dx6i right here on Z8RC as soon as the first samples are available!

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