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Friday, December 30, 2011

Z8RC Finishes 2011 With Our Best Day, Ever

Happy New Year, honesty lovers!

Now with 300-600 readers per day, Z8RC has established itself as a premier RC review site and the world's only mainstream source of expert, impartial and down-to-Earth RC aircraft and helicopter reviews.
In 2012, I pledge to Z8RC readers our continued refusal to take any money, products, sponsorship, or any form of compensation from the manufacturers or resellers of the products under review.

That is in stark contrast to all other mainstream review sites, RC groups, forums and magazines who are on the take.  Unlike Z8RC, they are compensated by manufacturers of the very products they pretend to "review" (= paid advertisement) in exchange for positive commentary (= sleezy salesmanship).   Yes, their petty business model is to systematically rip off the entire RC loving world just to pocket a few peanuts.

Not here.  No way. 

Keep the Faith and enjoy the end of days!

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