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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Blade CX3 on 3S

It works.

It flys better.

I remain disappointed with my CX3; it continues to degrade over time, without crashes to blame.

I think the gyro is a basket case.  If you leave it hanging loose (as shipped), it provides spurious inputs during helicopter movement, often resulting in oscillations. It you tighten it down, it vibrates the tail badly.  If you gain it down enough to eliminate vibrations and oscillations, the nose consistently drifts.

The setup is best left as sold, which presents a constant variety of annoying but limited vibrations, oscillations, and nose drift.  If you try to correct any one of them, another vice just becomes more dominant. 

Additionally, aileron and elevator controls are becoming increasingly coupled, seemingly without explanation.

I'm downgrading the CX3 to AVOID.

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