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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome to Z8RC

I decided to start this blog because the largest RC sites, like, are corrupt.  They only allow positive  reviews of products offered by paying sponsors.  If you post truthful, but critical information relating to their paying sponsors, the site administrators and a swarm of paying sponsors using multiple aliases, posing as normal people, will first edit your content to make it look like you liked their product, then ban you from participating further.

It is a shame that corrupt websites like con so many people into buying junk, but they are strictly a business as biased toward self-interest as any other, so be forewarned that they exist solely for the purpose of taking your money.

This blog is impartial.  I rag on junk and rave about excellent products.  There are no paying sponsors pretending to be their own customers.

Another reason I started the blog is because so much of the content on "popular" sites is totally wrong.  As an aeronautical engineer with 30 years of flying experience, from sailplanes to the world's best front-line fighters, I will illuminate issues which are routinely butchered on other sites, either by amateurs who don't understand flying, or more likely, purposefully by advertisers selling substandard equipment.


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