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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Quick Take: Super Tigre .10

Update: These photos added to support the comments, below:
Original post follows:

Electrifly Edge 540 hangs at the ready with an 11x7 prop. 
Background:  Art Tech Pitts Special with 10x5, Parkzone T-28 Trojan to 
F-8F Bearcat conversion w/E-Flite 10-15 size retracts and a 10x7x3. 
All are S/T .10 powered.
The Super Tigre .10 is a unique 10-size motor that uses steel instead aluminum construction.  It out performance the next best motor in its class (the E-flite Power 10) by about 2:1.  The result of S/T's light weight construction is a 2.2 ounce feather with monster thrust.  Installed thrust with a GWS 11x7HD in front of a sleek cowl is a bit above 50 ounces at 30C. 

One reason the 10 class motor is so small at 62g that S/T has cleverly used the mount as the heat sink, instead of adding a huge, heavy, empty motor case behind the coils like most manufactures' approach to heat diffusion.  This means the required infrastructure to hold the S/T in place does double duty, mount + heatsink = even less weight.

In my Electrifly Edge 540 vs. Parkzone Extra 300 head-to-head showdown (it wasn't much of a contest), I discovered the S/T .10 slightly outperforms the PZ 15 size motor in raw thrust, and completely demolishes it in Thrust:Weight ratio.  PZ stock motors have always had spotty reputations, like the absurdly cheap, heavy but plastic 480 included Parkzone's popular T-28 Trojan), but at only $19.99 the S/T motor remains unmatched in both price and performance.  Packaging the motor with a plane, can qualify for a 20% discount on regularly discounted site's like (no affliation) puts the street price of the S/T 10 motor in the $15 range.

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