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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Horizon Announces Z8RC Mod'ed Blade 130 X

Horizon Hobby has announced a larger version of the mCP X called the 130 X that includes a major Z8RC mod right out of the box.

The mCP X still has a defective AS3X implementation that seriously degrades the flight characteristics on some if not a majority of samples (we tested three and all had the issue).   Z8RC quickly and accurately diagnosed these AS3X gyro control failures as resonance induced, a tricky problem since all carbon fiber is slightly different.  Z8RC designed a truss mod that fixed the mCP X and saved countless crashes while dramatically improving control.

The Z8RC truss alone takes the mCP X from mediocre, or even sometimes defective handling, to superb controllability.  To this day, I get more thank you emails for the Z8RC mCP X truss mod than any other Z8RC fix.

Good news, Horizon Hobby included the Z8RC truss mod on their new Blade 130, so AS3X should work properly.  I expect the 130 X to be a great improvement over the mCP X based on the included Z8RC mod alone.  Yes the Z8RC mod makes that much difference.

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