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Monday, August 29, 2011

Z8RC Goes Exponential

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I would like to thank those who visit Z8RC for a 10-fold increase in readership during a brief year of existence.  Thank you.  It is amazing to me that in today's day and age there is such a thirst for ground truth that a formula as simple as "don't lie like crazy" in product reviews works so well.

I don't usually editorialize on non-RC related topics, but this reinforces my belief that what we view as a great age of enlightenment will be judged very harshly by history, as a second Dark Age for mankind.  A time when truth-telling was systematically attacked and stamped out, when the mass media came into vogue to keep people ignorant and in debt, when doctors were so helpless they pumped the masses full of high-profit pills and radiation which caused long term degeneracy, then sliced off body-parts at the first sign of cancers caused by their own quackery, when a multinational corporate aristocracy emerged to purchase everything political so common people had no say, when governments cheated their own people by partnering with central and commercial banks to counterfeit whatever money they needed to keep the scam going.  The last great experiment, the U.S. Revolution, has failed rather spectacularly over the past century's time; it seems our generation's special privilege will be to witness the fireworks of collapse.  I'm fortunate to have a cushy spectator seat, but many won't be so lucky.

It is a very sad time in human history, about to get much sadder, but little successes prove that the human spirit is unstoppable and will eventually prevail.

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