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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Common Courtesy (obvious to most people)

Recently we've had a few of the moderators from wattflyer attempt to place personal attacks and clownish remarks on Z8RC; what they create everyday in their little cesspool.  The regulars here don't need to be told, but in case any more wattflyer moderators show up, realize that unlike watflyer, this site is actually moderated.

Intelligent and insightful commentary will always find its way onto my blog.  That assumes, of course, that one is materially capable of participating in an exchange of interesting and useful ideas.  Try it, after experiencing a little refinement and culture, not to be confused with having no opinion, you might like it better (not that I care if you do).

Z8RC is for civilized and objective, interesting and pointed RC commentary.  It is not a sales forum, disguised as discussion, where adolescents brashly peddle mediocre merchandise--like wattflyer pushing their cheap 3DHS  slap-togethers, or rcgroups hard-selling Horizon Hobby's brittle and acutely unsafe, mostly garbage product line.

Perhaps equally obvious: if you think your products need a covert advertising campaign to create the illusion that they carry reasonable value, then by definition, you think they don't.

This site's intelligent readership require better.

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