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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Amazon slashes the UMX Beast to $130

Looks like eHobbies, sold through, took my advice and slashed the UMX Beast price to $130 including shipping.  That's closer to living in the real world, but all Horizon UM(X)s could use a 50% price cut to align them with their true relative value.  There loads of gorgeous high end full size pre-builts coming out of China for $100 or less.  Extremely capable 30" class 3D foamies sell for $25-45, pre-guts.  If the UMX Beast came down to $80-$100as a BNF, I could recommend it.

Read my full Beast review here.

I'll have a full head to head with the 17" TechOne Christen Eagle bipe ($115 "BNF" equipped) published soon, hopefully next week.

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